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E-mail Rod. Well, this is just what the country needs:. An undocumented Mexican immigrant was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges on Thursday in the killing of Kathryn Steinle, whose death while out walking on a San Francisco pier became a touchstone in the national debate over immigration.

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A jury, which reached its verdict on its sixth day of deliberation, convicted the man, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, only of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was also found not guilty of assault with a firearm. A sentencing date had not yet been set. Garcia Zarate acknowledged firing the weapon, but said it was an accident.

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Garcia Zarate had been homeless at the time of the shooting and had multiple felony convictions and five prior deportations to Mexico. He had been set free from jail only months before the shooting, in defiance of requests by federal immigration authorities, who had asked that he be held longer so he could be deported again.

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  • More details from a San Francisco TV station:. The Steinle family has been waiting more than two years for this day. Kate Steinle was shot and killed when she was walking with her father and a friend on the pier. Garcia Zarate, who was homeless at the time, claimed he found the gun wrapped in a piece of cloth under a swivel chair at the pier. He says he picked it up, and it accidentally fired, hitting Steinle in the back. The bullet, the defense claimed, ricocheted and then traveled 78 feet before striking Steinle. The prosecution has always maintained that Garcia Zarate had the gun all along, aimed it at Steinle and fired.

    But, because, he had little experience with guns, the bullet ricocheted first, a common mistake made by amateurs.

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    Great costumes at Comic-Con, UK Bad alien guy talks about how brutal it was coming out of motherboard Demonstrations in Greece against Social Security Reform Nationalist mob attacks year-old mayor of Greek city Anti-austerity protests in Greece amid debt crisis Man skis though city streets in Thessaloniki, Greece Filmed on Sunday 05th November Filmed in Thessaloniki.

    Source file resolution p. Save video to folders. Share video. Greece: An alien astronaut walks among the crowd capturing the attention, as 16th Comic and Board Games Convection of Thessaloniki, found a fancy way to promote the free-entry event. Related videos. World Naked Bike Ride Thessaloniki pirate boat 2.

    Greek basketball fans light flares at indoor team practice. Fake UN convoy transports 'alien corpse' through London. Thessaloniki pirate boat.

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    Heavy snowstorm blankets parts of Greece. This Alien has no idea. Hundreds of refugees descend on Greece's northern border with Macedonia to re-open migration route. Hundreds of Greeks protest against Macedonia name-change deal. Violent clashes between police and protesters in Thessaloniki, Greece. Refugees battle harsh winter living conditions in Greek camp. Flooding in Greece causes traffic chaos.

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    Over dogs and their owners run charity race. A nice and beauty day bike ride. Protesters burn American flag during Obama's visit in Greece. Greece: Brutal clashes against Macedonia name agreement. Garbage can strikes cars in sudden Greece rainstorm. Cold snap brings snow and transport problems to much of Greece. People and dogs walking and playing on snowy beach in Cornwall in a snowstorm. Riot police officer slips over during protest.

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    See more. These days-old abandoned kittens found a loving home - inside their new owner's old sneakers.

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    Lightning flashes above casual passersby as storms lash Thessaloniki. Thousands march through Thessaloniki for Pride celebration. Dog jumps like crazy enjoying the sea during summer. Holy Zeus! Olympus-sized lightning storm hits Greece. Liverpool fans in Greece celebrate wildly after Champions League.

    Greek police arrest protesters attempting to disrupt PM Alexis Tsipras speech. Greek-Armenian protest outside Turkish Consulate met with tear gas and stun grenades.

    PAOK fans celebrate 1st Greek league title in 34 years in crazy style.

    Walks with an alien Walks with an alien
    Walks with an alien Walks with an alien
    Walks with an alien Walks with an alien
    Walks with an alien Walks with an alien
    Walks with an alien Walks with an alien

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