The Bard and The Hag: William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard

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Paul also explores the experiences of different Ethiopian Jews who have returned to their ancient homeland, including rising star musician Ester Rada. He then ventures to South Tel Aviv, where the bulk of African asylum-seekers live — stuck in a legal limbo amid growing hostility from politicians and local residents. While rappers such as Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Coolio and Warren G were storming the charts and picking up awards, the establishment were doing everything in their power to curb the rise of 'Gangsta-Rap' and the violent messages it seemingly promoted. Nick asks, if this really was the pinnacle of hip-hop's Golden Era, then why did it come to an end?

How did US hip-hop change after ?

Eric Church - Merle Haggard Tribute (Footlights, The Way I Am and Pledge Allegiance to The Hag)

Did the music get better or worse? And how long a shadow do the artists and sounds from cast on the current generation of hip-hop artists 20 years later? Eddi tells Bob about her long and varied career, which began as a backing vocalist with the likes of Annie Lennox, Alison Moyet, Gang Of Four and The Waterboys, through to the hugely successful Fairground Attraction, to her acclaimed solo work.

She will also be showcasing songs from her latest and tenth solo album Vagabond, recorded in Glasgow, with help from Roy Dodds, Boo Hewerdine and John McCusker, among others. Theologian and social media expert Vicky Beeching will join Clare en route to the Cathedral to explore ideas of pilgrimage. Johnnie Walker's Sounds Of The 70s.

This week he's joined in conversation by Steve Harley, best known for a string of hits in the seventies with Cockney Rebel including Mr. Also on the show, Johnnie will revisit a moment from the decade courtesy of the BBC archive and another classic seven-inch single will be added into Johnnie's Jukebox.

Clare Teal welcomes composer, arranger and unsung musical hero Barbara Moore to the studio. Geoffrey Smith's Jazz. Nicholas selects paintings on an Easter theme of death and rebirth, with music which accompanies and illuminates them. Nicholas talks about the way in which such paintings change their meaning over time, and about what to look for when we try to read 14th century depictions of the Crucifixion.

Red Cheetah Meet Diva

Live from Wigmore Hall in London, Ukrainian-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa plays two great Romantic piano sonatas of the 19th century: Beethoven's 'Tempest' Sonata, Op 31 No 2; and the giant one-movement Sonata in B minor by Liszt, one of the most intellectually and physically demanding works in the piano repertoire. Sunday Feature - Shakespeare: For and Against. Exploring the intellectual tradition that has seen important figures from Voltaire to Tolstoy to Wittgenstein challenge Shakespeare's supremacy, Ravenhill searches for today's dissenting voices.

Tracing the transformation of a working playwright into a national poet, global brand and secular god, Ravenhill asks if it's still possible to enjoy Shakespeare without being overwhelmed by the cultural and commercial baggage of 'brand Shakespeare'.

Meeting Royal Shakespeare Company Artistic Director Gregory Doran, theatre director Phyllida Lloyd and actors Simon Russell Beale and Fiona Shaw, Ravenhill explores what Shakespeare's plays mean to theatre makers today and asks if Shakespeare is a problem for a contemporary theatre which seeks to give an equal representation of women's experience of the world. Joining RSC actors in a primary school for a performance of Taming Of The Shrew, Ravenhill asks teachers and children if a play of such dark and complex sexual politics is really suitable material for year-olds, while Dutch director Ivan van Hoeve discusses his own recent radical take on the play.

Drama On 3: Antony And Cleopatra. Kenneth Branagh and Alex Kingston take the lead roles in this great tragedy of love and power in a new production as part of Radio 3's celebration of the th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare. Antony And Cleopatra is Shakespeare's late and epic tragedy of mature love and the catastrophic fall from grace and power that it brings about. Irresistibly drawn together, the couple are surrounded by friends, enemies, admirers and critics, none of who remain unscathed by the folly and heartbreak of this magnificent pair.

As empires clash around them, their destiny seems inevitable: to love each other till death and even beyond. This new production of Antony and Cleopatra marks the return of Kenneth Branagh's and Alex Kingston's Shakespearean partnership, last seen in their sold-out Macbeth at the Manchester International Festival in Easter Sunday Worship.

Here's the Latest Episode from Bone and Sickle:

Anticipating the th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare, this Easter Sunday service comes from the Guild Chapel, Stratford-upon-Avon, opposite Shakespeare's home. Life On Earth was the first natural history blockbuster on television. Written and narrated by David Attenborough, it told the story of evolution in 13 weekly instalments, stunning viewers with incredible underwater photography and astonishing close-ups of creatures never before seen on British screens. Broadcast in , it took three years to make and involved a staggering one and a half million miles of travel.

Viewers were exposed to more than different species of animal, in a survey of life from bacteria to man and all in between. In this edition of The Reunion Sir David is reunited with some of the team he worked with on the series.

by Robert Burns

Richard Brock produced the popular episode on amphibians, featuring extraordinary varieties of frog: one whose young emerge from under the skin on its back and another whose male incubates the eggs in his vocal sac, ultimately giving birth through his mouth. Assistant producer Mike Salisbury recalls the difficulties filming lions in Tanzania that eventually resulted in a groundbreaking depiction of a lion-hunt. The most enduring sequence in the series was Attenborough's astonishing encounter with gorillas in the mountains of Rwanda, frequently voted one of the top TV moments of all time.

He and cameraman Martin Saunders reminisce about the extraordinary experience they had. Pam Jackson and Jane Wales, the producer's assistants who planned the incredibly complex filming schedules, describe what was happening behind the scenes, and their attempts to keep their presenter looking presentable even while scrambling through wild jungle.

Rosalind Ayres directs an all-star cast in Archie Scottney's sparkling dramatisation of this comedy-thriller. Can Jeeves help Lord Rowester to sell his crumbling pile to a wealthy American widow? Jeeves is on loan to young Lord Rowcester Bill. Wooster is absent, attending a school designed to teach the aristocracy to fend for itself. Jeeves has to exert his gigantic fish-fed brain to help his new master raise money by selling his crumbling pile to a wealthy American widow.

She thinks the Abbey is wonderful, full of ghosts. Her hobby: psychic phenomena. Will she buy it? There are complications.

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It's damp. She has fibrosis. There's also bluff Captain Biggar on the trail of a bookie and his clerk, who conned him at Epsom races and have somehow gone to ground in the Abbey. They are in fact Bill and Jeeves. Will he unmask them?

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Will Jeeves be on hand to provide more than brandy? As 6 Music celebrates Ireland, this second of four programmes is all about great tracks from great acts. That ranges from the well-known to the less well-known. Dave Fanning is an Irish radio presenter, DJ and journalist. He's been at the centre of the Irish music scene for the last 35 years and is regarded as a key player in Irish music.

Tonight, conductor and musical chameleon Charles Hazlewood sits in for Stuart Maconie. In the show he plays some of his favourite left-field music. Bridget also speaks to Yiyun Li — the award-winning Chinese American writer, whose new novel, Kinder Than Solitude, explores solitude both as a refuge and as a trap. The views of American educator and author Diana Senechal are also discussed. The legitimate digital music market took off 10 years ago in and BBC Radio 1 was the first radio station to start including legal downloads in the Official Singles Chart. Who will have the most downloaded track of the decade?

Could it be Adele or Rhianna? Or will One Direction beat them all? Tune in to Radio 1 on Easter Monday between midday and 7pm to find out. Since the rise of university tuition fees in , speculation has been rife that more students are entering the sex industry to help fund their studies. During the programme, three students share their experiences. In order to gain an insight into why students might be entering the sex industry, we also hear contributions from the Terrence Higgins Trust, The Rape Crisis Centre and students from Kingston University. Paul Sexton meets Dolly Parton in Nashville for a two-hour Radio 2 special in which they play and discuss her favourite tracks and artists, both in country music and far beyond.

I love that I can make a living, but it's not the money. I love to work. She's now looking forward to performing for her beloved British audiences while on a tour that will include her Glastonbury Festival appearance on 29 June. During the show, Dolly will talk about the heroes and heroines that inspired her own extraordinary journey to superstardom, such as George Jones and Kitty Wells.

Along the way, she'll tell listeners what she makes of her goddaughter Miley Cyrus and how she writes songs herself "I wouldn't know a hit if it jumped up and bit me in the butt, I just know what I like" , and there are some surprising revelations among her record choices. Listeners will find out what she thought of the recent country duet in which her name was part of the lyric, and she'll talk about her longtime friendship with fellow country figurehead Kenny Rogers. We'll also hear songs by her favourite new British artist; the s soul legend she loves; a favourite UK singer-songwriter of the '70s; and the current country star that reminds Dolly of herself.

Plus exclusive previews of tracks from the 'Blue Smoke' album, and more besides. They Didn't Fade away is the first of two programmes which reflect on the impact of Pirate Radio. It's the story of the music, the pirates and lives of millions of ordinary people for whom pirate radio stations were the key to freedom, expression, creativity and - after the drab fifties - fun.

the bard and the hag william shakespeare meets merle haggard Manual

Aimed principally at London and the South East to begin with, the mother of all the pirate ships had set anchor off the Essex coast and so began the story which, in three short years, was to change pop music and radio broadcasting in the UK forever. Across the UK, millions discovered the stations that played pop music all day. Turning the dial of a transistor radio, teenagers searched for an escape from the BBC diet of the Northern Dance Orchestra and carefully selected pop, to find the pirate station that everyone was talking about - and once they had found it they didn't stop listening for three years.

For the first time, listeners, pop artists and DJs connected through the airwaves - creating a hub that was to become the centre of the 60s pop culture explosion and the permissive society. Three years later the pirates were gone, forced off the air by the Government.

The Bard and The Hag:  William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard The Bard and The Hag: William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard
The Bard and The Hag:  William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard The Bard and The Hag: William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard
The Bard and The Hag:  William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard The Bard and The Hag: William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard
The Bard and The Hag:  William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard The Bard and The Hag: William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard
The Bard and The Hag:  William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard The Bard and The Hag: William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard
The Bard and The Hag:  William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard The Bard and The Hag: William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard
The Bard and The Hag:  William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard The Bard and The Hag: William Shakespeare meets Merle Haggard

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