Inside The Mind Of The Tornado

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In the aftermath of a tornado

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What to do after a tornado When the calm before the tornado becomes the chaos after it, use these tips to help recover and stay safe. In the aftermath of a tornado If you end up in the path of a tornado, the experience can be traumatizing, no matter how well you prepared ahead of time. Immediately after a tornado The safety of you and your family is the most urgent need after a tornado. Check everyone for injuries and call for medical help immediately if needed.

Watch for additional emergency alerts on your phone, or stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio or a local alert system for current information and instructions.

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And instead of shouting, try to send a text, bang on a pipe or wall, or use a whistle. Stay clear of fallen power lines or broken utility lines, and warn others to stay clear too. Report downed power lines or broken gas lines immediately. Power outages are common after a tornado.

Making Tornado

Save your phone battery for emergencies and to let family and friends know you are safe. Use battery-powered lanterns instead of candles. Use extreme caution around debris and watch for broken glass, nails, and other sharp objects.

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Wear appropriate clothing, like sturdy shoes or boots, long sleeves, and gloves. Inspect your home or apartment for any signs of structure issues.

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Follow all proper power outage tips and generator safety tips. Tornado damage is generally covered under homeowners and renters insurance policies. Contact your insurance agent or your company to start your claims process. Cleaning up and moving forward As you work to get back to a sense a normalcy, the American Red Cross has good information on how to clean up after a tornado.

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Dreams About Tornadoes

Contact Us Contact Us Questions. Also Important. Tornado safety: How to prepare If a tornado spins your way, understanding tornado safety will help keep you and your family as safe as possible. What to Do In a Tornado You see the alert. Related Articles. Skip to main content. Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

San Antonio, Texas. Bahama Blaster. Splashwater Springs. Thunder Rapids Water Share with Others. Location in Park. What Our Guests Say "Excellent drop height to allow just enough scream time. From Kerrville, Tx. It's the ultimate family thrill! From Houston, Texas.

How can hurricanes, tornadoes happen at same time?

I like going with my kids and seeing thier faces when we hit the big drop. We lined up across from each other with my younger children between us. We got the result that we wanted.

We shot half way up the side of the funnel 3 times during our ride.

Inside The Mind Of The Tornado Inside The Mind Of The Tornado
Inside The Mind Of The Tornado Inside The Mind Of The Tornado
Inside The Mind Of The Tornado Inside The Mind Of The Tornado
Inside The Mind Of The Tornado Inside The Mind Of The Tornado
Inside The Mind Of The Tornado Inside The Mind Of The Tornado

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