Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates

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However, with the arrival of Hamish X, a young orphan of unknown age and origins, things change. Together, the three of them set out to rescue the children and, along the way, they encounter various obstacles as well as make unexpected friends. Cullen does well in moving the action along. Readers will recognize the character types that are portrayed through the three main characters: Hamish X, a kid with a mysterious past and an uncertain mission; Mimi, a feisty girl with a good heart underneath her apparently rough demeanor; and Parveen, an intelligent and loyal friend.

Like his characterization, Cullen creatively incorporates recognizable narrative forms into his story so that they are fresh as well as humourous for his readers who will recognize these narrative forms from other stories that they may have read. Parveen and Mimi each have their own tragic tales of becoming orphaned.

Kipling personifies a person who has reluctantly turned from serving good to serving evil, due to unexpected circumstances, but who later undergoes a redemptive transformation. Similarly, Cullen creates a romantic subplot that focuses on two characters, Mr. Kipling and Mrs.

Francis, but it is not simply a rehash of a familiar theme as the romance is unconventional and unexpected.

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Indeed, the footnotes are sometimes more entertaining than the actual story, itself, which also serves to comment indirectly on the kinds of information that people may enjoy or find interesting. Melding fact with fiction, Cullen creates fictitious histories and anecdotes associated with the places, people, objects, and other terminology that he mentions throughout the novel. Along the way, Cullen uses word play to create playful names. Some of these are fictitious, such as the history behind Windcity and the Beardlords of Denmark, whereas others refer to real things like the Amundsen Gulf, stiletto, and glowing fungi.

There are echoes of familiar concepts, such as the World Health Organization in the fictitious World Dairy Organization that is mentioned in the novel.

Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates

Its only shortcoming is that some of its humour may be lost upon younger readers because they may lack sufficient knowledge to fully understand what Cullen is parodying from our own world as well as his linguistically based humour. Candy and Mr. The story closes with an appropriately open-ended cliffhanger. Who is Hamish X and where did he come from, and what is the destiny that the mysterious agents, Mr. Sweet, appear to have in store for him? Cullen entered into the public eye in as a member of musical comedy group Corky and the Juice Pigs.

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The group was also featured on Fox's MADtv. They released two comedy albums. The group broke up in , after ten years together. Following the breakup, Cullen began performing solo, often accompanied by musician Dylan Goodhue. Also in , he was in a sketch comedy show in England called Unnatural Acts. It lasted for one six-episode season. Cullen hosted the 17th and 18th Annual Gemini Awards Galas in and respectively, winning a Gemini himself the latter year for hosting the former gala.

He has also won awards in for his gala performance at Just for Laughs , and in for hosting What Were They Thinking — a CTV program in which Cullen visited various unusual and somewhat inexplicable landmarks around Canada.

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Cullen has a longstanding relationship with the members of the band Barenaked Ladies , formed when the band, in its original duo form, opened for Corky and the Juice Pigs on an early cross-Canada tour in On the Barenaked Ladies' U. He would tell a comedic version of the nativity story and sing Christmas songs with band member Kevin Hearn accompanying him.

He became a finalist on the show, making it through the auditions, Las Vegas semi-finals, and the "house" round.

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Cullen made it to number six and finally was eliminated on 31 July episode after the first of two rounds of home viewer voting which determined the final winner. The company frequently sponsors Cullen's events, such as his comedy show, The Sean Schau!.

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Cullen also appears in other videos promoting the chain, exhibited on his Myspace page, and YouTube. The show consisted of Cullen giving commentary and conducting interviews interspersed with musical selections.

The first season of the show ran for a total of 10 episodes, lasting well into the duration of the CBC lockout of All of the shows were pre-recorded prior to the lockout, and the series ended at the conclusion of its summer run. Since at least , Cullen has hosted a comedy show entitled The Sean Schau! The show also features sidekick "The Orb" — a glowing white orb on a pedestal that converses with Cullen, as well as live commercials for the show's sponsor performed by Cullen and the guests.

Cullen opens the show with a monologue and features a variety of recurring comedy bits during the show, including video segments, and improvised songs.

Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates
Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates
Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates
Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates
Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates
Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates
Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates
Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates

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