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Though the sound of the short-lived International Submarine Band's sole album, 's Safe At Home , was honed later, there's no mistaking it for anything but the self-dubbed "Cosmic American Music" Parsons would later bring to The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, and his solo work. But aside from an early run at "Brass Buttons," the material here, recorded as recently as a year before his breakthrough ISB efforts, contains scarcely a suggestion of what would come later.

These sessions showcase Parsons, alone with a guitar, very much in the thrall of the New York folk scene in which they were made. Download PDF. Cite Citation Tools. How to cite this article If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Download Citation If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice.

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Article available in:. Vol 3, Issue 1, Child Imprisonment: A Case for Abolition. Iain Darker and more Crossref Debra Patterson and more Journal of Public Child Welfare May Identifying the essential competencies for resource parents to promote Children and Youth Services Review May Crossref Carla Cesaroni and more The Prison Journal Sep Cookies Notification This site uses cookies.

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Tips on citation download. Allen, R. Ipswich , Suffolk Social Services. Google Scholar. Berridge, D. London , Jessica Kingsley. I really didn't care about anyone in the book. The story had potential, but it never panned out. Feb 28, Danielle rated it it was amazing Shelves: for-review , ebook , ya-series , youngadult.

In the future life is powered by machines and corporations. In an attempt to tip the scales Anya and her best friend Leticia ban together to steal back items and return them to their rightful owners.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Of course, with an incentive for themselves, but the life is more rewarding than the alternative. So, first things first.


What was different though was the introduction of the fantasy element through Tolkien-style elves. As for the characters, I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them actually. Nin was probably my favorite, most likely because he was an elf and had a unique way of interacting with Anya in particular. Normally I would have rolled my eyes at such an immediate attraction, but she wrote it in such a way that it seemed natural because of the magic surrounding the elves.

In addition, each of the supporting characters, from Tavia to Leticia were also likable and well written. Blending the world of the elves with an almost dystopian type setting in the human world creates a unique story that has rarely been written so well. With characters you quickly connect with and an incredibly fast moving storyline this is a book that readers will devour and be left waiting for the next in the series. Join Anya and Nin on a journey into the impossible and be prepared to be shocked by how stunning this new series truly is.

Mar 28, B. Walker rated it really liked it Shelves: bk-s-library. Scott was a pleasant read. A definite change from the normal fantasy novels I've come across. Anya London and her best friend Leticia made a life out of being thieves. When they enter the old Stone Church, they had no idea that someone was lingering about listening to their conversation.

Nin had been looking for someone to help him and his crew to find a missing parchment to an Elven poem. When he hears Anya and Leticia talking, he eavesdropped, getting a sense he could entrust these two girls to his mission. Finally approaching them after noticing they hold an old Elven Goblet, he bargains for the enchanted piece to return it to its rightful owner.

Promising them another treasure, we meet Tavia and Dresan. Tavia is actually Nin's cousin, though he plays her off as a girlfriend. Things come to a head and both parties faceoff, only to realize these two girls are exactly who they need in order to accomplish retrieving the missing parchment. Taking them to their underground lair, they introduce the girls to their true identities, they are Elves. After the initial shock, Anya feels a connection to Nin, and agrees to help the trio, even after they state that they have already failed and were almost killed.

Putting their plan into action, Anya goes home to research Elven history. When Julius, Leticia's boyfriend sees what she is looking into, he swears they never existed. There is something off about Julius though, and we soon find out that he is stealing life from the Elves to fulfill his need for greed. The plot unfolds, the action intensifies, and we are surprised by many of the outcomes that play out. Though this story started off just a smidgen slow, once the action picks up there is no putting this book down until you find out what happens.

What I thought could have been a little more drawn out was how easily the girls accepted the fact that this trio were in fact Elves. I thought they took that bit of information a little too lightly, but it didn't really matter once the story picked up. Scott did a great job creating a fantasy world unlike no other, putting her own twist on things making it her own. The end was a huge surprise, and one you would not expect and I'm anxious for the next book in this trilogy. Mar 28, Red Haircrow rated it liked it.

A mix of fantasy and science fiction using "old" terms , The Other Side of Life is in "new" sub-genres as well: cyperpunk and urban fantasy, both types which are sweeping through fiction like wildfire these days. My editor's eyes definitely had a problem with the point of view switching back and forth between characters from sentence to sentence within a scene, sometimes leaving me not knowing who is experiencing what, and especially who was thinking certain thoughts.

Vintage home movies show another side of life in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall

I found this un A mix of fantasy and science fiction using "old" terms , The Other Side of Life is in "new" sub-genres as well: cyperpunk and urban fantasy, both types which are sweeping through fiction like wildfire these days. I found this unnecessary, because even if you're using two POV's in one scene, the writing and paragraph structures should keep it clean and separate enough.

It's possible to do so, but it takes objectivity, removing what is not absolutely necessary at a certain point, and incorporating the information later. Transitions instead of telling is also something which could have been utilized more, itself of being told fact after fact, movement after movement as at times, this came off as rather disjointed to me. I thought the ideas were interesting and novel, although it was a theme explored before, Bioware enhancements and the like.

It kept me reading to gain more insight into what it could mean for both human and Elven.

Another Side of Life Another Side of Life
Another Side of Life Another Side of Life
Another Side of Life Another Side of Life
Another Side of Life Another Side of Life
Another Side of Life Another Side of Life

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